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Thursday, July 28, 2011

07/27/11; 11:44pm{T.I.M.E}

"Hmmm..there is something about the ticking arms of a clock, that annoys the crap outta you when it passes you by. Ooh ooh *raises hand* I know! It's when you've wasted it..when it passes you by, and you realize you've yet, to do a thing!" Today started off with a false impression, of what may have seemed it would be a good day-but that wasn't the case. TRUE; I finally mossied my way on down to apply for a job, that I was allegedly been applying to for a good 2/3 weeks now! Lazy, I KNOW(fingers crossed..I hope I get it :D)! Referring back to the original focus of this post...after applying, I went with one of my best friends to court(YES! I said court)..which btw, happened to be thee most boring experience of my life! was like watching turtles race..yes..THAT BAD! In addition to that, I had to wait outside for her, because it wasn't enough room inside. You ever had/have that friend that stays in trouble: that likes the drama so much he/she sends postcards to it when they move: that friend that always needs your help; doesn't appreciate it btw, but isn't always there for you?!! Well that's 'THAT' friend! And even though I feel what I feel about that friend, I still am there for them. On the contrary-I just really feel like my time was wasted today, and I cherish my time, rather it was tv I would have watched with it...that's besides the point. You know what I'm talking about? People are constantly trying to tell you "it doesn't matter, cause you weren't doing anything anyway,"-but it does matter to you because, what you were doing with it is besides the fact, and you would rather have that freedom of deciding what you invest it in??? Ok-so my day wasn't the best it could have been, but it wasn't the worse either(despite the fact of my time passing me by, at a county municipal court On anotha note...I can now get back to my research for my vacation I am planning-and THAT, makes me very happy!!! Toodoos ;D


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