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Monday, August 8, 2011


Raise of hands if you shop at the famous sephora! What do you get?! And what do you like about the product you get?! Every time I find myself cruising down fashion ave in nyc, i can't aid but to notice the beautiful bright lights of sephora. Sitting there...just trying to fathom what exactly is about sephora that attracts so much of my attention...i got nothing! Make-up isn't even apart of my daily regimen, so it isn't that. And it sure as hell isn't the what could it possibly be? I REALLY DO NOT KNOW! But enh..*shrugs* wayne says, "what's a world without enigma?!" One thing for sure, is that it possesses me, almost as if it wants me to buy something from there. And sadly-thinking of something to buy, to fulfill my urge, is thee farthest capability my brain will physically do. So what do you guys buy when you shop at sephora?! Do you get the urge as me? How long do you spend in sephora? Tell me everything! I wanna hear it all!

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